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Brad Howe your local expert for dog trainer draining & behavior Arlington Heights ILBrad Howe - your LOCAL dog training and behavior expert. Bark Busters In Home Dog Training Arlington Heights IL.

After over 25 successful years as a wholesale live Maine Lobster supplier in the Chicago area, and needing a change for the second half of my life, my fact-finding mission brought me to Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Being familiar with different dog training styles, I could appreciate the Bark Busters dog obedience methods and its impressive successes. Therefore, I had no need to look further.

The Bark Busters extensive dog training program in Colorado was exceptional. I learned the rules of pack leadership and canine communication. The dog training methods I use are humane. I do not use coercive dog training methods like prong or shock collars. Instead, Bark Busters Chicagoland uses voice commands and body language to ensure a well-behaved dog.

As a certified Bark Busters behavioral therapist and Master level trainer, I will teach you a dog behavior training method of communication that your dog already understands. You will learn how to use your body language and vocal communication to get your dog to respect and focus on you. Once you have your dog’s focus and respect, the opportunity for education is suddenly created, enabling you to help your dog more easily understand which behaviors are acceptable in your home and which ones are not.

Many dog owners ask me why we come to your home. This is where most dog behavioral issues occur. We can immediately address dog aggression, dog barking or dog jumping issues in an environment both you and your dog are comfortable in.

The professional dog training provided by Bark Busters Chicagoland is simple, fun, and it has been proven to be effective with more than 750,000 dogs trained worldwide. We can provide:

  • Mature dog training
  • Dog training housebreaking / potty training
  • Puppy training and socializing
  • Aggressive dog training
  • Hard-to-train breed training
  • Rescue dog training
  • From small dog training to large dog training
  • Train your dog using body language and voice commands

I will show you how once the leadership role is taken over by the humans in the household, dogs are willing to surrender that role if they feel safe with their humans as the "pack leaders."

I am passionate about what I do. Being a professional dog trainer and dog behavioral therapist is extremely rewarding as I make a positive difference in the lives of people and their dogs.

Dreams do come true.

Happy Dogs - Happy Families!

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